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Why Wilson?

I am often asked, "Why Wilson?"

When my son was first diagnosed with dyslexia, I was utterly overwhelmed. I couldn’t seem to find anything or anyone near me who could help. There was a Lindamood-Bell Center in Weston and another reading clinic in the Ocala area – both too far for me to go. Finally, a colleague of mine directed me to a local psychologist who had worked wonders for his daughter, Dr. Edward (Pete) Taylor.

Dr. Taylor had developed a treatment protocol for students with dyslexia for his learning centers. His tutors started with the Lindamood-Bell LiPS program to strengthen phonological awareness. From there, they moved on to the Wilson Reading System. The Wilson program has students reading sentences and short stories within the first few sessions. Kenneth started working with one of Dr. Taylor’s tutors during lunch and recess. After a few months, I saw his confidence skyrocket! That is when I began training in the Wilson System.

I have been using the Wilson Reading System for 20 years now. It is an explicit, systematic, well-structured literacy program. The materials provide practitioners with words, sentences, and passages that students can read confidently from the start of their intervention. The passages are carefully constructed so that students only encounter words they have the tools to read and spell. Every step builds on the previous one and gives students many opportunities to review and practice the concepts they have already mastered.

Wilson has improved with the fourth edition, with more robust vocabulary instruction by adding morphology with Latin and Greek word elements. In addition, there are more resources for comprehension instruction and better progress monitoring tools.

I love learning and seeking new tools to help me provide my students with the most effective and efficient intervention possible. I am trained in all the Lindamood-Bell programs for reading. I have invested in courses in structure word inquiry, taken classes with IMSE, and investigated the variations between the various OG programs available. I want a full toolbox! I have learned many fabulous tricks and tips that have made me a better dyslexia interventionist. Wilson is the anchor, the heart of my practice.

Why Wilson? Wilson Works!

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