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Strategic Instruction

Successful reading develops on a solid foundation of fundamental skills.  Students must first have good phonemic awareness and a firm grasp on the alphabetic principle to become fluent decoders of the words.  Then, they have to be able to assign meaning to those words and string them together into meaningful phrases.  Next, they have to be able to form mental images in order to understand what the phrases mean.  Reading is Rocket Science, and a break down in any of these skills can make reading a challenge!


Students generally develop these skills in kindergarten through 2nd grade.  These are the "learning to read" years. From the 3rd grade on, students need to be skilled enough at reading to begin "reading to learn."  Children struggling to develop reading skills must get intervention early. While early intervention is ideal, students of any age, even adults, can learn to read with the right methods.


Structured Literacy Intervention is very effective at helping students of all ages who are struggling with reading and writing.  Maggie has been trained in all Lindamood-Bell Programs, Orton-Gillingham, and is a Wilson Language Certified Provider.  She is skilled at finding the right approach to get students on a path toward reading.


Teacher & Student
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