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Getting Good Ideas on the Page

It is essential for students to effectively communicate their thoughts on paper. Yet, this is a task many students work hard to avoid. Like reading, writing requires mastery of several fundamental skills.  If a child is struggling to form letters or spell correctly, they will have very little mental energy left to think about what they want to write. Imagine trying to write a good sentence if you aren’t sure which to make your “b” or if you lack basic spelling skills.  It is almost impossible!

Other students may have mastered the basics but struggle to gather their thoughts and getting started.  They can stare at a paper for an hour without writing a single word.  Others may have started only to crumple the paper to start again, and again… Some students will start writing about one subject and end up elaborating on something altogether different.  


Good writing intervention must start where the struggles begin. Let us help.  Click below to learn more.

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